Philip Hollingdale – hypnotherapy can make it much easier

Hypnotherapy can make it easier – Philip Hollingdale I am lucky that I get to talk to hypnotherapists every day – they always have something interesting to say, and I’m always reminded that the people who are really great at this work are strongly motivated to provide care and help to people who are struggling. […]

Feeling comfortable in your body

Feeling comfortable in your body “Don’t forget to get some sunlight, and make sure you get enough water: you’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions.” – A Wise Internet Meme Bikini bodies and beach bodies Summer is coming up and it’s that time of year we start shedding some clothing layers and think about taking […]

Gentle nudge or mental slap?

Gentle nudge, or mental ‘slap’?   Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another. George Eliot   Glenn and I were having a conversation about our first week back at work for the year, and remarked on the number of people who had booked themselves in for a ‘new year tune-up’. […]

How Carol Moore came to be a hypnotherapist

Personal and professional development

How Carol Moore came to be a hypnotherapist Carol Moore became a hypnotherapist because of her experience using hypnosis to quit smoking. She’s been with us here at Brisbane Hypnosis Centre since 2003. In that time, she’s been in the clinic 2-3 days a week, seeing between 3 and 5 clients a day…that’s a lot […]

Conscious Mind / Subconscious Mind

Conscious mind/subconscious mind What’s the difference? In these pages (and all over the internet) there’s a lot of discussion about conscious mind and subconscious mind. What’s the difference? What actually is the subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind looks after the things that you don’t consciously do – the things that you can’t necessarily describe. Consciously, […]

Willpower, motivation and smoking

Willpower, motivation and smoking Now is always the right time People who don’t smoke often assume that a smoker is someone who is weak-willed. In fact, many smokers say this about themselves – that they lack the willpower to quit, even though they want to. It is a nice, neat theory, but it isn’t right. […]

Self-Love: Being a transitional character in the story

Self-love: being the transitional character in your story There is a blog called The Art of Manliness. It is mostly empowering, encouraging, and practical, although it does try and sell you a lot of things, and it’s also somewhat unnecessarily gendered. But still, wisdom may be found everywhere; they published a blog entry with the […]

Distraction or Avoidance?

Distraction, or avoidance? When it comes to vaping and smoking, quitting shouldn’t be about denial. There are always new ideas popping up about the best things you can do when you are quitting smoking or vaping. Past theories have included chewing on carrot sticks, or cutting up straws into vape or cigarette-sized lengths and inhaling […]