Confidence & Self-Esteem

The way we feel about ourselves is possibly the most important factor in how we get on in the world. Confidence and self-esteem isn’t everything, but it can certainly make life a little easier.

When we feel confident within ourselves the limits we place on our abilities diminish, allowing us to achieve more; we have better relationships with the people around us; and a greater ability to experience peace even when life circumstances are difficult.

Our self-perception and self-esteem can be affected by any number of things, like an event or experience, or perhaps the way we are treated by others. Once we get into a pattern of thinking about ourselves in a certain way, it can be very difficult to shift that thinking. Most people would agree that when we feel badly about ourselves, other people tend to treat us differently and with less respect.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to be confident and quiet, confident and introverted, confident and still happier in your own company … generally, confidence matters foremost when it comes to our relationship with self, not necessarily others. 

Self-esteem and confidence is something that needs to be practised, and sometimes even something that needs to be learned. It is related to past learning about ourselves and the world around us, and also to the way we respond to situations and circumstances in the here and now.  A hypnotherapist can’t change the things that go on around you, but we can help you to change the way that you respond to them. More importantly, by working with you to help you release old, out-dated feelings, we can help you to create new ways of thinking and feeling about yourself. 

As we gain new insights, and have new experiences, we gain greater understandings about ourselves. It’s sometimes the case that our patterned thinking about ourselves takes a while to catch up, even when we know we know better! You can learn to shift old thought patterns so that you can gain a better experience of life, and of yourself.

Feeling good and having a healthy self-esteem is not about having an overblown ego. It is about being the best that we can be. Hypnotherapy can help reconnect you with your best self.

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