Hypnosis for change: help with many issues & complex problems

Along with the issues listed, hypnosis can be effective for individuals with eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, stuttering, and other problems which often seem beyond the reach of conventional therapies. People are more than a collection of symptoms, and a medical or psychological diagnosis is not an adequate description of an individual. Click on the links below for more information about how we can help with specific conditions.

Emotional and physical health & wellbeing

Emotional issues and hypnotherapy

It is sometimes the case that people with emotional difficulties are encouraged to seek counselling in order to understand more about themselves. In order for us to do our job well, you will need to tell us about your experience. Hypnotherapy is not the same thing as counselling, although we recognise the worth of counselling therapies.

We understand that talking something over doesn’t necessarily lead to insight, and even if you do gain insight, that won’t necessarily lead to change. Change is, after all, what most of us want when we undertake any kind of therapy. Hypnosis can help bring about that change relatively quickly. 

Physical and health issues and hypnotherapy

It is our experience that physical symptoms tend to lessen when we change the way we let those symptoms affect us. For information on whether hypnosis can help specific illnesses and complaints, please don’t be afraid to ask us. 

We make no claims that we can cure you of anything, and we are not medical people. We are professional hypnotherapists, with extensive training in psychotherapy and the clinical and therapeutic applications of hypnosis.  

Please note that we will not treat undiagnosed pain. Seek medical advice before undergoing any kind of symptomatic cure.  

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