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FORWARDS: a self-study guide to overcoming procastination

The Forwards program by Glenn Chandler draws on his experience in clinical hypnotherapy…plus a tiny bit of Stoicism, sensible and effective wisdom found in Buddhist practices, together with modern understandings of the mind gained by neuroscience.

Procrastination – many people conflate procrastinating with laziness, but this diminishes what, for some people, can be a complex issue.  Sometimes we are a little harder on ourselves than we need to be, and that in itself can get in the way of us actually getting things done.

In simple segments you will learn:

  • How aiming for adequate can actually result in excellence;
  • The difference between pleasure and happiness when it comes to your immediate actions;
  • What differentiating between “immediate” and “important” can mean for your to-do list;
  • Why kindness to yourself matters when it comes to getting things done;
  • Practical skills to move the theoretical onto your ‘Done’ list;

All of this and much more, along with 2 downloadable hypnosis audios designed to help you to change your habits of mind and to harness the right kind of motivation so you stop being stopped, and move Forwards.

Functional learning means reinforcement and repetition, and we are making that part easy for you. When you purchase the Forwards program you will receive all the materials straight away, and you will also receive daily emails for 3 weeks of each chapter, helping you to really consolidate the change you’re making.

The Forwards Guide includes:

  • 65 page eBook
  • 1 x 20 minute hypnosis audio
  • 1 x 10 minute hypnosis audio
  • 3 weeks of daily emails of the guide’s content to keep your learning on-track

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Clinical Hypnosis & Ericksonian Psychotherapy Training

After many years of clinical work, thousands of clients, and hours of teaching in this field, we have developed this comprehensive and practical course in Hypnosis and Hypnotic techniques, and Client-Centred therapy. Originally authored and taught by David Kennedy, our course has been completely revised and enhanced with new material from David, along with Rachel Kennedy, Glenn Chandler, Katina Gleeson and Dianne Kennedy.

We teach an eclectic model of hypnosis which is not limited by focusing on a particular school of thought. While the standard (and universal) techniques and processes of hypnosis are taught, we are influenced by and teach in the spirit of Milton Erickson. Ericksonian psychotherapy is client-centred. What this means in practical terms is that we aim to teach therapists to meet each client as an individual, and to adapt their therapeutic technique as appropriate for that person. Ultimately, good hypnotherapy is about good communication.

The Clinical Practice of Hypnosis Course incorporates a theoretical and practical base for the practice of hypnosis as a modality on its own, or as an adjunct to other professions, and is supported by practical training. Our Course is endorsed by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia. Learn more about studying hypnosis here.

Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious

Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious is a FREE short course that will show you how to hypnotise another person to support them in times of need. This is not for entertainment purposes, but is rather designed to give you a solid introduction to the wonders of therapeutic hypnosis. 

You can sign up for this eCourse on our Hypnotherapy Courses study site.

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