Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

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We’d love to help you quit smoking and if you’re ready to quit you can achieve this in a single hypnosis session. You’ll find all the important details and the short story about quitting smoking with us over on this page [LINK].

The longer story:

In our work we want to help you not only to stop but to really leave the habit behind, and you’ll do this by learning some proven techniques that show you how to quit – practical and logical things to do which help you move from smoker to non-smoker. We reinforce and support that with hypnosis work structured around who you are and what you need for us to focus on.

Over the years we’ve learned from our clients that the best way to success is to empower people. We have helped literally thousands of people quit and to enjoy a lifelong freedom from the habit of smoking. The truth is you can do it more easily than you might think, even if you have tried in the past to stop and haven’t succeeded.

Nobody enjoys being condescended to, and everyone knows why smoking isn’t a great long-term choice. You have good reasons for stopping, or wanting to stop. We understand those reasons alone are often not enough to make you stop because the part of you that knows the reasons for stopping is not the same part of you that has the habit. So knowing why you want to stop is simply the first step in making the decision. And with so much new evidence publicised about the dangers of vaping, it’s no longer seen as a ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking … which is probably why you’re here, reading this. You’re ready to quit.

Change the way the habit in your mind is working

For most people who smoke or vape, the behaviour becomes compulsive. Stopping seems like a very difficult thing to do. The usual way is force (willpower) – trying to impose a rule, like a little policeman in the mind saying “No!”.

But what about another part of your mind that doesn’t want to obey the rule – the subconscious habit, including your emotional responses, that kicks in in certain moments? In that conflict is where we struggle. That is why hypnotherapy is so effective in helping people to quit.

By influencing the subconscious mind using hypnosis you can create change at the same level of mind as the habit itself. You can overcome the psychological attachment to the smoking habit. Instead of forcing yourself not to smoke or vape using a lot of effort and willpower, you will experience a sense of ease. You will be more in touch with the natural intelligence of your mind and body. When you do this you have a greater sense of security … and a simple desire to no longer do what you don’t want to do.

The happy thing is you already know how to do this. No matter how long you may have smoked for or how old you were when you started, there was a time when you did not have this habit. This change is not something new, it is getting back to who you really are. You will find the freedom both familiar and deeply satisfying.

Using hypnosis to quit smoking is getting the mind “right”. 

This means not only changing the subconscious habit, but also creating a deliberate and empowering framework in your conscious thinking as well. Our approach is very comprehensive. We work with you to give support at the conscious level, so you have the necessary tools in your deliberate thinking. It means it’s not just hope. You will be supporting the subconscious processes (the ‘hypnosis’ work) by taking charge, actively doing and thinking the things that empower you.
It’s true that smoking and vaping are different, and it’s known that the chemicals you are inhaling are different, and have different impacts on your body and systems. To do this work well it’s important that an understanding of this is gained – this will come down to finding out the details of your habit, and also we keep ourselves up to date with the growing body of research and evidence. This applies to both smoking and vaping – best practice is changing all the time.

Intention vs. desire

It is important to know that there is one thing that your success depends on – and that is your real intention to stop. Almost everyone who smokes wishes they didn’t, or perhaps their doctor or family are saying they should stop. But for some people, deep down they do not actually intend to stop. So you need to be clear: our work rests on your intention.

As you consider this, keep in mind that most smokers can’t easily imagine not smoking. That’s ok. You don’t have to know how you can stop smoking – the ‘how’ is the very thing we help you with.

Quitting – is it Guaranteed?

A question we are often asked about the Stop Smoking with hypnosis session – “Is it guaranteed?”.

Hypnosis does not take away your free will. To be promised a specific outcome is an unfair and misleading (and potentially not legal) practise. It’s also contrary to the professional Code of Ethics for all members of the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists, of which our therapists are members. Most importantly, to be given the misleading idea that some person or force is controlling your actions denies your own empowerment.

We do guarantee you will be looked after with great skill, attention and respect. We have been doing this a long time. Our work is based on years of helping people quit smoking with hypnosis, and we are genuinely interested in your success. We show you the way and smooth out the path, but it is you who walks the path. Ultimately, you are responsible for your actions, and it is from within that responsibility that you’ll find freedom.

We are confident in our skill, but more importantly we are confident in you. You deserve to be free from habits that don’t serve your happiness. You can quit, and we would be delighted to show you how.

Unless otherwise attributed, everything on our website was written by us and none of it was written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. It is important to us to know how to communicate about how we work so you can get a sense of the kind of people you are trusting to help you. 

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