Gambling & Hypnosis

When gambling becomes a problem, priorities become distorted and perspectives changed. Sometimes the rest of life fades in to the background. Most people with a gambling problem are fully aware that there is a problem, and aware of the consequences, and yet find themselves still making that choice…thinking “just one more go” or “I’ll deal with it tomorrow”. Entering into the situation where you can gamble brings on a kind of trance – you are very focused, but only on the outcome of what you have risked. Everything else seems at a remove.

Hypnotherapy is effective for helping when you gamble in a way that is a problem. Hypnosis techniques can help you by creating a freedom from the compulsive behaviour, and addressing any underlying issues – whether that be self-esteem, boredom, escape, or any other thing. Using hypnotherapy, these changes will usually occur quite rapidly. People cite different reasons for needing to gamble. For some, it is the thrill, others do it for the sense of worth they get when they win. Most people don’t remember when gambling became a problem, let alone why. The good thing is that you can change your behaviour, and regain the control you seek. Having left behind the habit of gambling, many people report a greater sense of security and self-confidence.

Gambling can have big ramifications for people’s lives, and can be especially difficult for family members. It’s not uncommon for it to be a family member of a person who gambles to reach out to us first. We’ll be happy to talk to you about how we can help your loved one if they are willing to seek assistance. 

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