Hypnotherapy can make it easier – Philip Hollingdale

I am lucky that I get to talk to hypnotherapists every day – they always have something interesting to say, and I’m always reminded that the people who are really great at this work are strongly motivated to provide care and help to people who are struggling. Phil is one such person, and we’re lucky to have him working here with us. In fact, Phil has worked with us on and off for nearly 18 years – that’s a lot of experience! I asked Phil to write a few words for me to describe what he does in his work as an hypnotherapist – Rachel

“Hypnosis can soften or dissolve barriers to change …”

It is such a pleasure and a privilege to assist people in their journey through life.

As we all know and experience, roadblocks and impediments are often encountered on this journey. Mostly, we are able to overcome these obstacles in a natural, endemic way through our thinking mind. 

What I’ve witnessed is that people try really hard to help themselves first. They make cognitive adjustments – things we do when we’re trying to help ourselves using our “thinking” mind. My clients tell me they have been willing to compromise, that they have determination to change, and importantly an openness to the process of change. Sometimes however, difficulties seem to be impossible to overcome or get on top of. 

Anxiety, harmful or unwanted habits, unhelpful thought patterns, or a general lack of self worth can seem to be intractable conditions many people feel they have to learn to live with; these problems can seem to be immune to rational thinking or will-power. We normally avoid inner conflict and dissonance by the weaker side (usually the ‘thinking’, conscious part of us) “looking the other way” whilst maladaptive or unwanted behaviours continue. This can be things like smoking, eating the wrong foods and other behaviours which may provide a dopamine “high”, or some kind of reward. 

To my knowledge hypnotherapy is one of the only methods of therapy which addresses these issues with the part of us that creates and maintains maladaptive behaviours and responses – the subconscious mind. It’s so rewarding to witness the surprise, joy and relief clients can experience from just a few sessions beginning their own personal process of change. People can have release from old patterns, and wonderful growth as they begin to reconnect to their own true self. 

Of course, change isn’t always easy – humans naturally seek homeostasis and balance within the framework of familiarity and security. It’s normal for us to have conscious AND subconscious wariness of change. But when we work toward change in the right way it can be meaningful, and it can be much easier than we think it’s going to be. 

Hypnosis can soften or dissolve barriers to change, making things that seemed “too hard” a whole lot easier to achieve. I see this every day in my work. It’s why I love what I do.

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