Hypnotherapy for Children & Teenagers

Kids usually make great hypnotic subjects, as they have an ability to tap into their subconscious mind quickly – which is what hypnosis is all about. We have worked with children in our clinic regularly over the years, and have seen the great outcomes that can be achieved.

Under most circumstances, the important element is that your child has an ability to focus his or her attention for a short amount of time. While kids as young as four years old have been helped, usually school-age children are able to get the greatest benefit, as they have some experience of sitting quietly and paying attention! Having said that, though, a hypnotherapist who specialises in working with kids is usually able to engage a child with a wandering mind, using techniques that are appropriate to them.

While we currently do not have a therapist in our centre who is appropriate for working with kids younger than 15, we do have a number of colleagues in Brisbane who we happily and confidently refer children to. Please get in touch and we will be able to recommend a therapist to you.

Some of the reasons children are taken to a hypnotherapist include:

–         Learning difficulties

–         Behavioural problems

–         Confidence and Self-esteem

–         Study and memory improvement

–         Fears and Phobias

–         Enuresis (bed wetting)

–         Picky eating and AFRID 

–         Overeating

–         Grief, anxiety and other emotional issues

When working with young people, it is important to include family members in the process. Sometimes you will be encouraged to bring along your child’s siblings, and there should always be one parent present. So much of a child’s world is tied up in their life with you, and it is important to involve you in the process as much as possible. Equally, it is important that you discuss with your child the idea of seeing someone for some help – it can make the therapists job very difficult if their client does not want to be there! 

Of course, older children can benefit from hypnosis too. It is not uncommon for us to see teenagers and young adults for all sorts of reasons, from help with study, to confidence and self-esteem, anxiety issues, and eating and other behavioural patterns. All of our therapists have experience in working with people from the age of 15 years.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about whether we can help your child.

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