Hypnosis Session Gift Vouchers – in any amount – can be purchased online using this link: 


If you’d like us to prepare and email a **slightly fancier** voucher for you, just get in touch by email to [email protected] and we’ll prepare you something like this:

Hypnosis session vouchers for Quitting Smoking

For things such as quitting smoking, it is of course important that the person you’re buying a voucher for really does want to quit…but many people who smoke do, and just need a little encouragement. A voucher can be a great way of helping them to commit to making the change.

Unless you know the person you’re buying a quit smoking voucher for really well (and have discussed it with them), we suggest that you don’t purchase a voucher in the full amount for quitting smoking. It can be helpful for people to make their own financial contribution to the process.

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