Quit Vaping with Hypnosis

Vaping has been around in Australia for a while now, and our hypnotherapists have been working with people to help them break free of the habit of vaping for about 4 years. 

When people started asking for help to quit vaping we found this a pretty straightforward proposition, not dissimilar to our work helping people to quit smoking. This was because: 

  • People who vaped were usually people who wanted to quit smoking;
  • People would vape in the same way they smoked – a certain number of times a day, similar to the number of cigarettes they would otherwise smoke;
  • Vaping would only happen on ‘break’ times, was removed from the workplace or household, and rarely in public places.
  • A lot of vapes didn’t contain nicotine, or if they did it was in smaller doses than current vapes.

Things have changed. These days: 

  • Some people who vape have never smoked; 
  • Many people who vape do so more regularly throughout the day than they would if they smoked; 
  • It’s a different kind of habit and there are fewer social restrictions about vaping – many people don’t feel the need to stop what they’re doing to vape, and some people will vape indoors, at work, at home, in the car, at outdoor events with others, etc, etc.
  • Most vapes contain nicotine, and in general people who regularly vape get a much bigger dose than they would if they smoked, because there’s more nicotine in a vape than a cigarette. It’s also more difficult to keep track of how many puffs you’ve had from a vape than it is to keep track of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked. 
Learning from our clients and finding out what works, we have changed the way we go about things. 

If you want help to quit vaping, we will help you. We will do this in around 3 hours over two sessions. 

The first session is a longer session, and this is your preparation and foundation for freedom. Just like with our quit smoking session, this is based on your habit, and your needs. We give attention to the way the habit works in your mind, and the things you are concerned about when quitting vaping. This session isn’t just a chat, it’s a working session that creates a structure to your quit plan so that you do it properly, and will involve formal hypnosis work so that your decision to quit is becoming a reality. 

The second session is around a week later, and this will be your quit and consolidation hypnotherapy session. 

For many people, they will already have stopped after their first visit, and that’s great – this second session will be used for reinforcement.

The structure and flow of how we work with you will be guided by what’s appropriate for you.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please call us or email [email protected] OR your can book your appointment to quit vaping using the button here: 

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