Drinking habits & alcohol

When people come and see us about their alcohol intake and drinking habits, it isn’t always about stopping completely – sometimes it is enough to make more mindful choices about your alcohol consumption.


Many people who we see for this reason come along because they notice that their drinking has become habitual. People talk about needing to have a drink or two to ‘wind down’ at the end of the day, or perhaps have noticed that they are drinking more each day as time goes by.


We also work successfully with people who may find themselves binge drinking and want to change that behaviour.

Maybe you don’t want to stop completely

Whatever your goals, we’ll find a way to work with you to help you address the habitual elements of your behaviour, but also any underlying emotional issues – like your response to stress, for example, or the feeling of confidence you seek – that may be relevant.


Sometimes drinking can be about the good times

Habitual drinking usually isn’t in isolation from the rest of life, but it doesn’t always relate to “bad” emotions: sometimes we get caught in the cycle of associating alcohol with celebration and happiness. When these associations happen, it can sometimes feel like you’re not having fun unless you have a drink in your hand.

You can change this association.

And if you want to stop drinking completely?

We also help people who have decided, for whatever reason, to stop completely. If this is you, we’ll be happy to help you make the change.

Alcoholism & Hypnosis

We make a distinction between the habitual use of alcohol (such as we describe above) and what might be termed “alcoholism” – that is, when people self-identify as an alcoholic, or have been diagnosed with alcohol dependency.

Glenn Chandler works with people with alcoholism, and who are under medical care and/or in rehabilitation programs. Please contact us directly for more information about this so that we can talk to you about how we may be able to help.

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