We affirm that we will be ethical in our practice, and will be honest – mentally, physically, and emotionally – in all our dealings in our profession.

We treat individuals who seek our help as people, and never just as patients or customers.

We ensure that our clients’ dignity is preserved at all times. We will maintain their confidentiality.

We seek to do the highest good for each person we see in our role as professionals.

We do not make false claims about our abilities, and will not offer guarantees of particular outcomes where none can be ethically or legally offered.

We do not defame other therapists or professions.

We continue to study to maintain our proficiency, and attend to both personal and professional development. We maintain a formal self-reflection practice as it relates to our work as hypnotherapists.

We maintain the ethics and the dignity of our chosen profession in all our dealings – with our teachers, fellow therapists and with the general public.

We seek to recognise our limitations and work to overcome them, but will always work within the limits of our ability.

Above all, we will do no harm.

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