As we settled into and moved through the Coronatimes, we’ve all adapted to different ways of working. During 2020 we spent most of the first half of the year working exclusively online, and gained a lot of good experience in helping our clients in this way. In fact, we even wrote and filmed a course about conducting online hypnosis sessions so that other hypnotherapists could adapt, too.

You can watch an introductory video of Rachel & Philip talking about online hypnosis sessions here.

We are finding that online sessions are, for some, a preferable way of working and we are again opening up our calendar to work in this way. It also enables people located outside of Brisbane to access our services. 

You can speak directly to one of our practitioners about this if you have questions or concerns about online sessions, or Rachel will be happy to help you.

You can easily book an online session using the booking widget below. 


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