Freedom Calling: Nicotine, habit & how to be free from smoking

Do you believe smoking is an addiction?

Is nicotine a very addictive drug?

Is smoking harder to give up than heroin?

If you do believe these things, well, why wouldn’t you? We’ve all heard it repeated over and over again – so many times that it almost seems silly to question it. If everyone says it, including doctors, psychologists, public health officials, friends and family, the talking horse down the road plus your neighbour’s cat, then surely it must be right.

And the final confirmation – you tried to stop and found it difficult. There’s the clincher! A terrible addiction. Harder to give up than heroin.

But … what if maybe, just maybe, all is not what it seems?

Glenn has written a book about quitting smoking, and we offer this eBook free of charge with the intention that it may be all you need to quit smoking.

Your freedom from smoking is calling.

“Freedom Calling” is the name of a Colin Hay song, and he allowed us to borrow this phrase, and quote from this song, in the introduction to this eBook. 


Contact us if you’d like a copy.

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