Philip Hollingdale – hypnotherapy can make it much easier

Hypnotherapy can make it easier – Philip Hollingdale I am lucky that I get to talk to hypnotherapists every day – they always have something interesting to say, and I’m always reminded that the people who are really great at this work are strongly motivated to provide care and help to people who are struggling. […]

Some thoughts on ‘closure’

Some thoughts on ‘closure’ … Have you ever sought “closure” on something? Have you ever thought to yourself, “if only xyz would happen, then I could have closure.” ? Perhaps you’ve watched the news, and seen someone interviewed outside a courthouse asked something like, “Does the verdict today give you closure?”. ‘Closure’ is a word […]

It’s not magic…but it kind of is

It’s not magic…but it kind of is “Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source. Returning to the source is serenity” – Lao-Tzu As part of our training course in Clinical Hypnosis, we  offer a series of classes for experienced hypnotherapists based around the life’s work of David Kennedy. The title of […]

Anxiety and The Fear Avalanche

Anxiety and the fear avalanche   “We often use our active imaginations in the service of fear. We think of possibilities that another person would never imagine. We expect traffic jams, terminal illnesses, and potentially embarrassing moments because we are in the habit of scaring ourselves… A fear avalanche is a chain of frightening thoughts […]