Cancellation Policy

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We’re so glad you’ve decided to book with us, and we’ll work hard for you. We appreciate you helping us to run our practice efficiently

  • When you book with us we put time aside just for you. We’re looking forward to meeting you!
  • If you provide us with your mobile phone number you will be sent an automated SMS 48 hours prior to your appointment, requesting you to confirm your booking. This is done by replying to the SMS with a ‘y’, or calling us on 07 33544555.
  • Should you need to change your booking, we request that you do this by 10am on the day prior to your appointment. Please contact us immediately by calling 07 3354 4555, or email [email protected]
  • Please do not cancel by SMS – our SMS system is computer-based, character limited, and send/receive is not always immediate. The only reply that is recognised by the system is the ‘Y’ to confirm. 
  • We understand that life can be unpredictable – you might get sick, or have an emergency you must attend to, meaning you cannot keep your appointment. If this occurs please just get in touch as soon as you can and we’ll make another time.
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will incur a $65 cancellation fee (illness and emergency aside, of course!) and you will be sent an invoice. This also applies if you are a no-show for a booked appointment, even if you do not confirm. When you book with us we begin preparing for your session. Before you even walk through the door we have already allocated time to you personally.
  • Thank you for being considerate of our therapists, and for helping us to run our practice efficiently.