Why stopping smoking seems so difficult

Why stopping smoking can seem so difficult   Top reasons our clients give us: 1. The first is the obvious one – the belief that stopping is difficult. This becomes a self-fulfilling idea. If we believe something is going to be difficult, it usually turns out that way; 2. There is a deep belief that […]

Thinking Differently About Smoking

Thinking differently about smoking This piece first appeared in Holistic Bliss Magazine, October 2016. For someone who smokes and seeks to improve their life and wellness, quitting is one of the most important and meaningful changes that needs to be made. Smoking is often a cause of great struggle and distress in someone’s life.  It […]

Willpower, motivation and smoking

Willpower, motivation and smoking Now is always the right time People who don’t smoke often assume that a smoker is someone who is weak-willed. In fact, many smokers say this about themselves – that they lack the willpower to quit, even though they want to. It is a nice, neat theory, but it isn’t right. […]

Distraction or Avoidance?

Distraction, or avoidance? When it comes to vaping and smoking, quitting shouldn’t be about denial. There are always new ideas popping up about the best things you can do when you are quitting smoking or vaping. Past theories have included chewing on carrot sticks, or cutting up straws into vape or cigarette-sized lengths and inhaling […]