Sometimes it’s ok to ignore how you feel

When feelings aren’t your best guide Today, an article was posted on the ABC news website, which, amongst other things, referenced the rise of modern Stoicism, and one professor’s advice that we “stop navel gazing” and just get on with things (“Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze”, by Mira Adler-Gillies, referencing an interview with Danish psychologist […]

Why stopping smoking seems so difficult

Why stopping smoking can seem so difficult   Top reasons our clients give us: 1. The first is the obvious one – the belief that stopping is difficult. This becomes a self-fulfilling idea. If we believe something is going to be difficult, it usually turns out that way; 2. There is a deep belief that […]

Conscious Mind / Subconscious Mind

Conscious mind/subconscious mind What’s the difference? In these pages (and all over the internet) there’s a lot of discussion about conscious mind and subconscious mind. What’s the difference? What actually is the subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind looks after the things that you don’t consciously do – the things that you can’t necessarily describe. Consciously, […]