Some thoughts on ‘closure’

Some thoughts on ‘closure’ … Have you ever sought “closure” on something? Have you ever thought to yourself, “if only xyz would happen, then I could have closure.” ? Perhaps you’ve watched the news, and seen someone interviewed outside a courthouse asked something like, “Does the verdict today give you closure?”. ‘Closure’ is a word […]

Can hypnosis be used to uncover lost memories?

Memories, hypnosis and change

Can hypnosis be used to uncover lost memories? Many of us have things in our past that we cannot, for one reason or another, remember. Often, we want to uncover lost memories to help us make sense of our world. If we can’t remember, is our mind protecting us from something? Do we have to […]

Memory Recovery

Can I be hypnotised to remember something that happened in the past? We are often asked if we can help uncover a lost memory using hypnosis. What we’re talking about here is not “I have a bad memory” territory, but rather an “I think something happened to me and I’ve blocked it out” situation. It […]