Feeling comfortable in your body

Feeling comfortable in your body “Don’t forget to get some sunlight, and make sure you get enough water: you’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions.” – A Wise Internet Meme Bikini bodies and beach bodies Summer is coming up and it’s that time of year we start shedding some clothing layers and think about taking […]

Sometimes it’s ok to ignore how you feel

When feelings aren’t your best guide Today, an article was posted on the ABC news website, which, amongst other things, referenced the rise of modern Stoicism, and one professor’s advice that we “stop navel gazing” and just get on with things (“Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze”, by Mira Adler-Gillies, referencing an interview with Danish psychologist […]

Thinking Differently About Smoking

Thinking differently about smoking This piece first appeared in Holistic Bliss Magazine, October 2016. For someone who smokes and seeks to improve their life and wellness, quitting is one of the most important and meaningful changes that needs to be made. Smoking is often a cause of great struggle and distress in someone’s life.  It […]

Anxiety and The Fear Avalanche

Anxiety and the fear avalanche   “We often use our active imaginations in the service of fear. We think of possibilities that another person would never imagine. We expect traffic jams, terminal illnesses, and potentially embarrassing moments because we are in the habit of scaring ourselves… A fear avalanche is a chain of frightening thoughts […]