Introducing Dr. Teone Reinthal, PhD

Introducing Dr. Teone Reinthal, PhD2019-10-24T04:46:06+00:00

Dr Teone Reinthal at Brisbane Hypnsois CentreWe would like to introduce you to Dr Teone Reinthal, PhD,  who will begin work in our practice in October, 2019.

Teone (that’s pronounced Tee-​own​) studied hypnotherapy with David Kennedy, and was awarded her Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis in 2003. We have known Teone for many years, and at various times she has been a practitioner we have called on.

In 2014, Teone was awarded a PhD for research into how problem-solving strategies and internal resources shape creative expressions – whether that be in the arts or other fields, or in personal or professional development. It is this unique insight that informs her therapy work with people. 

Her work using hypnosis brings together different helping and healing traditions. Teone has lived among, worked with and learned from people from many different cultural backgrounds. A polymath, she is also a talented artist, filmmaker and clinical aromatherapist. Teone loves stories, especially people’s life stories, as well as the beauty of stories that arise purely from the imagination.

Teone possesses a deep capacity for empathy and understanding – essential skills that make her more than suitable for our work here. We’re excited to have her join us.

Dr L. Teone Reinthal – Dip. Rem. Ther./Aroma. AIAS, Dip Clin Hyp STH, GCert.VA/QCA, MAHons.MP/GFS, PhD. Griff.  

Find out more about Teone in her other role as perfume artist here.