In support of healthy communities

In support of healthy communities

Good food contributes to mental wellness

Many of our clients are looking to create a healthier life, and to make changes to the types of foods they eat and the way they think about food as nourishment. We feel that being mindful of what we eat and where it comes from is one of the most important elements of health. Every day more research is being done into how what (and how!) we eat affects our physical and mental wellness. We all know that what we eat determines our physical health. It’s becoming easier to formulate an argument that what we eat also has an effect on how we feel emotionally, as well as our mental health.

Living in Queensland means that we have access to some pretty wonderful sources of local and fresh foods. Because we’re a small business we like to support other small businesses. Our preference is to shop locally, to avoid the big 2 supermarkets where we can, and to seek out independent grocers and producers. We personally shop at the following businesses:

The Meat-ting Place – McDowall. The Meat-ting Place is a family-run organic butcher and organic supermarket. They are located in North-West Plaza, on Flockton St. You can purchase bulk foods (grains, nuts, seeds, flours, etc), general grocery items, as well as grass-fed beef, nitrate-free, free-range pork products, and everything else you’d expect from a butcher – and all certified organic. They also sell cleaning products and toiletries. They have a generous loyalty scheme, and the staff are cheerful and helpful.

The Meat-ting Place in Paddington is a smaller store, and is primarily an Organic Butcher. It is owned by the same family.

Charlie’s Fruit Market – if you live on the Northside, you’ve probably been to Charlie’s in Everton Park! Parking is a bit of a headache, but they offer great service, excellent diversity of produce, and they sell “‘ugly” fruit and veg (which is perfectly fine, just not considered pretty enough for supermarkets) at great prices. They have also introduced an organic produce and grocery section, and last year they won an award for best Organic supplier in the Supermarket category, beating out Coles & Woolies.

Within Charlie’s, you’ll find Charlie’s Raw Squeeze and a whole pile of deliciousness. They make smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls, nice cream, and all manner of good things. They also have available a selection of raw, gluten-free, paleo and vegan-friendly treats and takeaway lunches. They have recently opened a second Raw Squeeze, in Stones Corner. By all reports it’s as good as the original.

At our workshops, we provide Nutri-Hitt raw cakes and slices for morning tea – Nutri-Hitt have a cake store in Nundah, and you can order online. Guilt-free treats that are so pretty you will want to take pictures of them.

Four Seasons Organics in Samford is another independant organic grocer and supermarket with an excellent range of locally-sourced produce. After you’ve done your shopping you can eat something yummy from their café Canter & Colt – all food is made fresh on the premises from organic produce. The coffee and cake is excellent!

While not exactly a small business, Fundie’s in Paddington is another great wholefoods store, as is Kunara in Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to shopping within your budget at smaller providers, and with whole foods, although we feel it is worth the effort. Food preparation doesn’t have to be tricky – simple is often best – but perhaps it does deserve to be a priority.

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