Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

New year’s resolutions are a bit different this year…

And we’re back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and wish you every good thing for 2015. We’re excited to be getting started again!

I (Rachel) have sat down to respond to the email and phone enquiries that have come in over the Christmas break, and I notice that for the first time in many years “Anxiety” is the number one reason why people are enquiring. At this time of year it is usually smoking, or weight loss, or other habits that people want to address: early January is traditionally when people start thinking about making those kinds of changes (a decision often brought on by the season of excess that is Christmas).

I thought it worth mentioning the difference in the nature of enquiries over the Christmas/New Year period because many people I talk to who experience anxiety feel like they are the ONLY person who has that difficulty. Sometimes we sit within our experience and convince ourselves that everyone else has it “together’, and there must be something wrong with us because we feel or think a certain way that is causing us distress.

Whether it is acute or generalised anxiety, there’s a lot of assistance you can get, and a lot of benefit to be had by working with a skilled hypnotherapists. We look at not just the cause of it (which is not always evident), and not just the symptoms of it (racing heart, feelings of dread, being “on edge”, etc), but rather we aim to help you achieve a resolution to it in a way that is meaningful to you.

Of course, anxiety manifests in many different ways for people – sometimes it affects sleep, or eating patterns, or the ability to maintain good relationships. It’s different things for different people. If you have an experience of anxiety, it’s likely that your experience is going to be very different from the next person’s. Beyond it being helpful to give a name to the feeling of being anxious more than is normal (having anxiety condition, or disorder), we try not to rely too much on labels around here. A diagnosis of an anxiety disorder is a label for a collection of symptoms, and you are much more complex than that.

If you’ve decided to make some personal changes in 2015, whatever they are and whatever the cause of them, we’ll be happy to help.

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