"I had 2 treatments for smoking and gambling. Smoking now seems like another lifetime... Gambling habit has now gone. The best part of all of it is being able to still enjoy a beer or my morning coffee without a worry."

Dave, 2015

How hypnosis can help

Memory Recovery

23 May 2015 2:16 PM - Can I be hypnotised to remember something that happened in the past?

We are often asked if we can help uncover a lost memory using hypnosis. What we're talking about here is not "I have a bad memory” territory, but rather an “I think something happened to me and I’ve blocked it out” situation.It is understandable f...

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What is Hypnosis?

14 Jul 2015 10:36 AM - Hypnotherapy is not just relaxation, and it's more than guided visualisation.

Sometimes the best way to describe what hypnosis is involves talking about what hypnosis is not.The word "hypnosis" conjures up all kinds of associations, and in entertainment and the media we are often encouraged to believe that one of the follow...

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Distraction or Avoidance?

23 Jun 2015 2:01 PM - Why quitting smoking shouldn't be about denial.

There are always new ideas popping up about the best things you can do when you are quitting smoking. Past theories have included chewing on carrot sticks, or cutting up straws into cigarette-sized lengths and inhaling through those.When you have ...

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